Madbouly thanks the parties involved in developing the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids area

During today's Cabinet meeting, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly referred to the tour he took earlier this week to inspect the executive position of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area, as well as the project to develop the Pyramids area and the surrounding area, in addition to inspecting the visual identity of the Ring Road. Dr. Mostafa Madbouly stressed that the ongoing development work achieves integration and linkage between the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids Plateau area. In an effort to provide a unique, exceptional experience for visitors and tourists, and to maximize the added value of this area, so that it becomes the most important archaeological tourist area in the world, in a manner befitting the great historical face of Egypt. The Prime Minister thanked all parties involved in the development work in the Grand Egyptian Museum, the pyramids area, and the surrounding areas.

9/14/20231 min read

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