“Distinctive trees, uniform paint, and display screens” within the plan to develop the surroundings of the Grand Museum

The Giza Governorate Media Center announced the development of a complete vision within the state’s plan to develop the area surrounding the Grand Egyptian Museum. The Center referred to the directives of the Prime Minister, during his inspection a few days ago of the visual identity development work on the Ring Road, on the importance of accelerating the implementation of the visual identity development project on the Ring Road, which aims to bring about a civilizational shift in the region, coinciding with the approaching opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is a huge event that will attract... Global spotlight. For his part, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, stressed the importance of implementing the project to develop the visual identity of the Ring Road, as it is carried out by integrating the efforts of a joint work team from the Faculties of Engineering at Cairo and Ain Shams Universities to develop a civilizational vision on a scientific basis, which targets the Ring Road as it is one of the main roads for access. For the Grand Egyptian Museum. “Rashid” indicated that he had envisioned dividing the road into sectors, and working on unifying the color of paint for the buildings on both sides of the road in consistent colors, while adding some distinctive elements such as plants, trees, lighting, billboards, and display screens, and distributing them in a distinctive, thoughtful, and unified manner, reflecting Egyptian civilization, and connecting stations. The BRT and microbus stops, with this distinctive identity. Rashid directed the executive and concerned bodies to carry out painting of the properties located on the ring road in the targeted sectors, and to raise the efficiency of their facades as part of a plan to develop the visual image of this road towards the Grand Egyptian Museum.

9/15/20231 min read